Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

                                  The Insurance Emporium do not cover any claim as a result of any notifiable disease. A notifiable disease is any disease that is required by law to be reported to government authorities.

                                  COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has now officially been registered as a notifiable disease in the UK.

                                  For up to date information, please check our COVID-19 Help and Support Page. For information on your policy, please refer to the General Exclusion section of your Policy Wording.


                                  Pet Insurance

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                                  Cat Insurance
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                                  Equine Insurance

                                  Insure your horse from 31 days to any age, or choose rider only.

                                  Horse Insurance
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                                  Veteran Horse Insurance
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                                  Horse Rider Insurance
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                                  Mr Benn and the Shopkeeper riding horses that are jumping over a wooden fence
                                  Caravan Insurance

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                                  Touring Caravan Insurance
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                                  Static Caravan Insurance
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                                  Our mascot Mr Benn trying to control a flaming barbecue behind a touring caravan whilst a brown dog tries to catch a sausage on a plate
                                  Wedding Insurance

                                  Getting married at home or away? Whatever you’re planning for your big day, why not waltz down the aisle knowing your day is protected?

                                  UK Wedding Insurance
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                                  Overseas Wedding Insurance
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                                  Mr Benn struggling not to drop a big wedding cake whilst Eddie the brown dog looks on hopefully waiting to eat the cake
                                  Camera Insurance

                                  Whether you’re a photographer or videographer, professional or enthusiast, we offer tweakable insurance for cameras, telescopes and many more bits of related equipment.

                                  Camera Insurance - Amateur
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                                  Camera Insurance - Pro
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                                  Mr Benn is taking a photograph whilst Eddie the brown dog struggles to hold up the really long camera lens
                                  Cycle Insurance

                                  Your bike can take you on many magical adventures! Our Pick ‘N’ Mix bicycle insurance can be tailored to suit all sorts of riders, whether you race on roads or simply cycle to work. Having cycle insurance could give you peace of mind and help keep your wheels turning. Find out more to put the brakes on some of the worries you might have.

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                                  Fishing Insurance

                                  Packing up your rod and heading for an angling adventure? Making sure that you have some Fishing Insurance could be vital in helping you protect your gear if something goes awry. Choose from one of our three fully Tweakable policies, with a choice of Optional Benefits to suit your needs. Don’t get caught out, find more ‘reely’ useful information!

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                                  No matter what your handicap level is, whether you’ve scored a hole-in-one and need to buy a round or your equipment has been accidentally damaged, our Golf Insurance might help to protect you! Our different levels of Tweakable golf equipment insurance could suit a variety of budgets. Click the buttons below to get a quote or find out more!

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                                  The Shopkeeper looks worried as Mr Benn starts to lose control of his golf buggy after the wheel falls off


                                  We are The Insurance Emporium and we exist to help protect the things in life that are special to you.

                                  Our offices are based in the UK and full of people just like you. We are caravanners, horse riders, pet owners, photographers, cyclists; we love gadgets, holidays, weddings and much, much more. We understand how much these things matter and also how they reflect and shape our lives and memories.

                                  Life can take many twists and turns and should something happen to those things you love then we are the people that you can turn to and we will do everything we can to help make it right.

                                  Our insurance products reflect our passions which are vast and varied! We cover horses to holes-in-one, pets to percussion, weddings and wedding dresses to honeymoons and holidays, caravans to cats, drummers to dogs, photographers, fishermen, cyclists, students and skiers to trumpets, tandems and tents. With The Insurance Emporium you can protect the things you love.

                                  Ready to find out how we can help protect you and your things? Click 酸酸乳ssr网址.


                                  20+ Products To Choose From
                                  7 Days A Week Customer Contact
                                  UK Based Claims Department
                                  Proud to offer


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                                  Defaqto 5 Star Rating applies to Pet Lifetime Gold and Horse Insurance products

                                  A lunar monthly policy runs for, and premiums are collected on, equal periods of 28 days. This type of policy renews every 28 days.

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